Recommended Unique Lodging in Bali – To fill vacation time, most people will take a vacation somewhere. One of the places that is often visited is Bali. Bali has many places with very beautiful scenery

Recommended Unique Lodging in Bali

1. Bubble Hotel

Bubble Hotel has recently gone viral in several countries. Here you will really feel the sensation of resting and sleeping in a bubble! However, because the building is transparent, this accommodation only provides one king-size bed. In addition this hotel does not provide air conditioning.

Each bubble can accommodate a maximum of two people. For those who come in groups, Bubble Hotel staff will prepare a maximum of three bubbles in close proximity. Romantic dinners are also available upon request. So much fun huh?

2. NewEarth Haven Eco Dome

Constructed from bamboo and other natural materials, the Eco Dome is deliberately designed to look like one with nature. The toilet and watering system also uses natural resources. From the balcony, as far as the eye can see there is only a stretch of rice that spoils the eye.

Eits, but that doesn’t mean living here is like going back to the stone age. Guests will have WiFi Internet access, power outlets, and a touch panel-operated lighting system. On the ground floor there is also a special working space for those of you who are still not completely out of work.

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3. Mara River Safari Lodge

No need to fly all the way to Africa to feel the thrill of a jungle safari. Now the sensation can be felt at Mara River Safari Lodge. Located in a complex with Bali Safari and Marine Park, this resort is ready to make your holiday experience unique and unforgettable.

Besides being able to feed carrots to zebras, rhinos, and elephants directly from the room balcony, visitors can also watch the behavior of these animals while refreshing themselves in the swimming pool. The sensation of eating accompanied by a herd of lions can also be felt at Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

4. Secret Wooden House

The location is in Denpasar, the capital city as well as one of the busiest areas in Bali. The appearance of this villa is not boring. Once inside, you are guaranteed to feel like you’re back in ancient Bali. There are four cottages with antique nuances that can be rented. Each is surrounded by lush banana and coconut trees, plus several other exotic flora and fauna. All the furniture here is custom made and made using recycled wood.

5. The Dragon 130

Resting on land is too mainstream for you? You can try sleeping on the luxury phinisi boat The Dragoon 130. Made 100 percent of quality teak, this yacht is equipped with a sophisticated sound system. Perfect for those of you who like to party.

The Dragoon 130 can accommodate a total of 12 people in six suite-type rooms. To be able to take it sailing, you just have to prepare funds of 10,000 United States dollars. Too expensive? Don’t worry, you can still try to stay at The Dragoon 130 while it’s docked. It only costs 150 US dollars per night.