Instagramable Lodging in Bogor – Many people do staycatons together with loved ones or just alone. In choosing lodging, it will certainly never be careless because we want to get comfort in filling our spare time. Instagramable Lodging in Bogor – Many people do staycatons together with loved ones or just alone. In choosing lodging, it will certainly never be careless because we want to get comfort in filling our spare time.

Starting from inns that are surrounded by shady green forests, to inns in the style of Indian houses, here we summarize some Instagramable lodgings for staycations in Bogor.

Instagramable Lodging in Bogor

1. Edensor Hills

Carrying the name of the inn which is inspired by the name of one of the regions in England, this hotel offers beautiful green views that match the architecture of the villa which is in the style of housing in England.
Named Edensor Hills, almost every corner of this inn is surrounded by Instagramable spots.
One of them is, the part of the inn which seems to be covered in beautiful roots and flowers. It’s so cool, here!
Not only does it have Instagramable spots, this one inn also provides quite complete facilities. Such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and other facilities. Interestingly, during your stay you will also be spoiled with views of the hills that directly face the villa.

2. Begreno Home

Want to stay with the feel of Ubud, Bali? you can add Begreno Home to one of your staycation lists. This inn carries the theme of the archipelago in its construction.
The atmosphere presented at this inn is a rural atmosphere but accompanied by luxurious villa facilities.
If you visit this inn you will really feel you are in Bali, there will be a small hut by the pool with unique floaties for swimming just like in Bali, which of course can be a good feed on your Instagram.

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3. Novus Giro Resort and Spa

Located in this peak area, Novus Giro Resort & Spa offers a natural atmosphere and fresh air which is perfect for those of you who want a staycation. This 4-star hotel has a homey concept that makes it comfortable.
The supporting architecture and the infinity pool facilities, where the swimming pool is directly facing the lush forest make this hotel very Instagramable for those of you who want to beautify your Instagram feed.

4. The Highland Park Resort and Hotel

This villa, which is located just below the foot of Mount Salak, has a glamping or glamorous camping concept that offers luxury as well as convenience for guests who want to camp but don’t need to be complicated.
Here you can stay with Mongolian and Indian-style tents which of course at the same time can enjoy the fresh and calm air.

The white tents lined up around the side of the mountain are a unique sight and of course instagramable. In addition to its unique lodging concept, The Highland Park Resort and Hotel is also equipped with complete facilities for staying guests. Swimming pools to spa areas are also available at this inn.…

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