Enjoy a Quality Vacation in Jogja – Yogyakarta is really complete. There are all kinds of tourist attractions in Jogja, and all of them are fun to visit. This Student City has everything: whether it’s cultural tourism, culinary, nature tourism, to “Instagramable” tourism.
Whether it’s your first time on vacation to Jogja, or you’ve been there many times and need ideas for new tourist attractions to visit, you’ll find them on this list of recommended tourist attractions in Jogja!

Don’t claim to be a true adventurer if every time you visit Yogyakarta, you just stop by Malioboro or Parangtritis Beach. In fact, Yogyakarta already has dozens of new tourist attractions that are hits, contemporary, and Instagrammable to visit.


So that you don’t get stuck or lack updates, we have summarized tourist attractions in Yogyakarta for your next vacation reference, starting from the north to the south. Guaranteed you don’t want to go home!

1. Kaliadem

If you’ve ever seen your friend’s post taking pictures with the mighty Mount Merapi as the background right behind it, it’s definitely in the Kaliurang area. Precisely in the Kaliadem Bunker.

Besides being able to learn a lot about the history of the eruption of Mount Merapi, you can also find inner peace, because the air is cool, quiet, and really good for relaxing. If you can take photos like the one above, congrats, your adventure level has just gone up one level!

2. Kali Kuning Hill
Formerly this tourist spot in Yogyakarta was once crowded with tourists before the 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi. At the beginning of 2017, Bukit Kali Kuning blossomed again into a new tourist spot that was really cool for taking photos.

Sitting relaxed while enjoying the beauty of Mount Merapi and the quiet surrounding forest is the most enjoyable activity. Especially accompanied by a cup of warm tea or hot coffee.

3. Ullen Sentalu Museum
Down a little from the Kaliurang area, you can stop by the Ullen Sentalu Museum. Although not classified as a new tourist, this museum has become an anti-mainstream tourist destination.

Not only is the museum building unique, you can also find works of art from Yogya’s artists in the past. Interestingly, you can also learn about the history of the famous Mataram Kingdom. As Bung Karno said, a great nation is a nation that respects its history.

4. Rainbow Garden
Still in the north of Yogyakarta, you can enjoy the night atmosphere with hundreds of lanterns here. Rainbow Park is still in the same area as the Jogja Return Monument Museum on North Ring Road, Sariharjo, Sleman Regency.

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You can visit it at night. So it’s not just the South Square or Malioboro which are already crowded with visitors.

5. Upside Down World
This tourist spot in Yogyakarta has suddenly become a hit since it was first opened. In Upside Down World, you can have fun with your friends or partner. Because the place is so unique it’s like the world is turning upside down.

The location is on Jalan Ring Road Utara, Depok, Yogya, not far from the city center. Currently, there are only two Upside Downs in Indonesia, you know. In Yogyakarta and Bali. So make sure you come here so that your hits level goes up drastically!

6. Kalibiru Tour
The location is in the western part of Yogyakarta. For those of you who are not allergic to heights, this place is a really exciting destination.

You can take pictures above the height of a stage and trees with a cliff background. Don’t worry, you will be equipped with safety equipment when you go on a high stage, really. So stay comfortable and safe when taking pictures.

7. Kulon Progo Mangrove Forest
Suitable for those of you who are looking for a new taste from Yogyakarta. Come at dusk, the atmosphere will be really cool to capture with your camera.

8. Kedung Pedut Waterfall
The atmosphere is sure to make you feel at home, because the friendly locals make the atmosphere in this waterfall tour super comfortable. Around the tourist attractions there are many residents who sell their harvests, such as sweet durians from local plantations.

Even though it’s in a village, the facilities here are complete, such as places of worship, public toilets, to a gazebo to rest. You can also play in the water as much as you want, but be careful! If you are curious, you can go directly to Jatimulyo village, Kulon Progo.

9. Mudal . River Park Ecotourism
Unique, maybe the right word to describe a tourist spot that sells the calm atmosphere of this river flow. How not, even though the location is far from the crowds of the city, the facilities are quite complete, there are even WiFi facilities too.

So don’t be afraid you can’t directly upload Instagram stories. The location is in Girimulyo Village, Kulon Progo.…

5 Ways to Keep your Vacation in Quality

5 Ways to Keep your Vacation in Quality – Having worked hard in such a way for most of the year, of course you occasionally need a vacation. In order not to stress and to restore your energy. Unfortunately, a vacation that is not planned properly can actually make you even more stressed, you know.

You can’t enjoy your vacation moments, you still have to spend a lot of money. Later you can only regret and think, ‘You know it’s better not to take a vacation. The money can still be saved. ‘ Hence, it is important for you to listen to the following five tips!

1. Determine your vacation destination

Are you on vacation to calm yourself from a problem? If so, it’s a good idea to go alone. Even if you want to invite friends, just one or two people and they have to be people who don’t make your life more complicated.

For example, not someone who likes to meddle in your privacy. So you don’t get more grumpy while on vacation. Or, do you want to take a vacation while still working? So, if your job requires an internet connection, make sure the internet connection in that place is reliable

2. Make sure you have taken time off

It’s not really good, when on vacation with your family, your cellphone doesn’t stop ringing? What else if not a call from your coworker or boss? You are being chased for various work-related purposes.

Wow, you can’t enjoy your vacation. Even your spouse and children may be very disturbed. So make sure you don’t just run away from the office. Complete your assignments first and take time off

3. Consider the travel time and the number of tourist attractions to be visited

If the journey from where you live to the city you are aiming for is very long, of course you need to rest to get rid of fatigue. It’s not even been on the road for a long time, it still includes too many tourist attractions in your visit plans.

Guaranteed you will feel even more tired and unable to enjoy your vacation. Indeed, going far away on vacation just visiting too few tourist attractions will be a pity. Isn’t it certain that one day we can go there again.

But visiting too many tourist attractions is also useless if you don’t enjoy it. You might come home and fall sick because of exhaustion. So, adjust the number of tourist attractions to be visited with the time and energy you have, huh!

4. Adjust your vacation with the budget you have

Now, this is very important! Don’t get home on vacation, you even get stressed because you run out of money. Even when you are still in the city or country where you are on vacation, you are already confused about finding a loan or have to save expenses to such an extent.

This is, the name is not a vacation but torturing yourself. Not that it can refresh the body and soul, but instead become anxious about the safety of the bag. Therefore, make sure your vacation style matches the capabilities of your wallet, huh!

No need to pursue prestige. Moreover, just for the sake of being on social media with spectacular holiday photos. Vacationing to nearby tourist spots is also not a problem. The important thing is you can really enjoy it

5. It’s good not to invite too many people

If you go on vacation alone, it feels really lonely, huh? Unless you really want to be alone again. But vacationing with too many people can actually make your vacation chaotic, you know!

Instead of enjoying vacation moments, you are even busy taking care of their needs. For example, you invite a large family. Some are old or too young. Can you imagine how complicated it is?

The most important thing about a vacation is the quality. It doesn’t matter how big your party is, how far away the tour is, or how much money is being spent. Apply the five tips above so that your vacation is genuine fun, huh!…