Recommendations for the Best Lodging in Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat has a lot of scenery that will make you want to come there and stay overnight. But you don’t need to worry about the inns there. In Raja Ampat there are many of the best inns.

When on vacation, of course, the main thing to consider is lodging. Well, here are some lodging options in Raja Ampat that offer exotic views.

Recommendations for the Best Lodging in Raja Ampat

1. Kri Eco Resort
The first recommendation for lodging in Raja Ampat is Kri Eco Resort. This inn with exotic views is located on the shoreline of Kri Island, Raja Ampat.

Kri Eco Resort itself carries the concept of local architecture with materials in the form of nature and the surrounding forest. Interesting right?

The uniqueness of this inn lies in the guests staying here must use the bathroom located on the beach. This is to prevent contamination of seawater because the inn building that is built floats and is located on the shoreline.

The price for lodging here starts from IDR 3 million per night.

2. Hamu Eco Resort
Lodging in Raja Ampat is then one of the best accommodations at affordable prices. Hamu Eco Resort is the name. Even though it’s low-budget, the views that are presented are no less stunning, you know.

Here you will feel staying above the ocean. What’s interesting about Hamu Eco Resort is that they are the only resort that implements a profit sharing system between the innkeeper and the surrounding community. Cool?

To be able to stay here, Hamu Eco Resort is priced starting from IDR 1.3 million.

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3. Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is one of the lodgings located on Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat. The facilities offered by this inn can be said to be quite complete. Here they also provide diving and dining facilities that you can use to enjoy the beauty of the sea of ​​Mansuar Island.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is located on Mansuar Island, Kurkapa Village, Mansuar Island, Meos Mansar, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua. For lodging here, the price starts from Rp. 3.5 million.

4. Papua Paradise Eco Resort
Papua Paradise Eco Resort is an inn located not far from the beach on an uninhabited island in the Birie area, Raja Ampat. There you will immediately be presented with a very stunning view. Starting from various types of birds, neatly lined green trees, to beautiful coral reefs that are ready to accompany your diving.

Papua Paradise Eco Resort also has a traditional architectural design that offers high standards in terms of comfort. There are 16 bungalows with rental prices starting from IDR 4.5 million per night.