Exciting Activities Must Do in Labuan Bajo

Exciting Activities Must Do in Labuan Bajo – With the beauty of the Labuan Bajo tourist destination, we as tourists certainly shouldn’t miss and waste its beauty.

The Eastern Indonesia region is increasingly recognized by the world as one of the locations with the most charming destinations. The cluster of islands makes eyes reluctant to blink. One of the most crowded tourists is the Labuan Bajo area, East Nusa Tenggara.

You can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the charming islands. From beach tours to hills, everything is here. There are many exciting activities you can do in Labuan Bajo, some of which are as follows.

1. Rinca Island is still part of the Komodo National Park. You can see and interact with the Komodo dragons, come during the day because they are still actively moving

2. The beauty of the beach in Labuan Bajo cannot be missed. Pink Beach is the most popular spot, the sand is pink like pearls

3. The underwater panorama of this area does not need to be doubted. Try diving at Manta Point, you can dive with adorable giant stingrays

4. If you prefer to hike, try Mount Mbeliling. From the top, you can see the landscape
Labuan Bajo clearly, you can also camp, you know

5. Explore Padar Island. Its charm makes you never want to go home, especially during the rainy season. The hill is filled with green grass

6. If you want something unique, stop by the Batu Cermin Cave. You can see marine animal fossils on the walls

7. You can get around Labuan Bajo on an exclusive boat, the filler ship is called. This sailing ship is luxurious and equipped with adequate facilities

8. Pay a visit to Kalong Island, a habitat for hundreds of bats. Come in the morning so you can see their behavior more clearly

9. You can find views of leaning fishing boats on Pede Beach. It is even more aesthetic with the serene sunset light!

10. The panoramic sunset on Amelia Sea Hill facing directly to the sea makes goosebumps. It’s like being in a piece of “heaven”…